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Pizza Fridays and Other Pitfalls

L.’s preschool has recently begun something that tugs at both sides of my mommy conscience (mom-science?) — the Friday pizza party.  Well, maybe “party” is a bit of a stretch.  As far as I know, they order pizza from the … Continue reading

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Lunchbox Desperation: Anything can be a chip

4-year-olds have a funny way of taking over and upsetting any “plans” you think you’ve made.  In this case, my 4-year-old son, L., received last night’s “Crockpot Chicken Curry Thing” experiment with a sort of lukewarm skepticism.  For the record, … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I’ll just say it up-front, so you know what to expect: I’m a neurotic, hyperorganized geek when it comes to planning what, where, when, and how my family is going to eat. No, seriously.  The Gourmet Geekfest ensues about once … Continue reading

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