February Meal Plan, and a Photo!

For those who are hoping for my now-weekly “Worst Cooks” post and Kids’ Meal Makeover, I apologize — I’ll be writing that post tomorrow, because although today is Monday, it’s also the last day of the month, which means I’ve got to get my meal plan published!  With Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl coming up in February, plus lots more wintry weather, this month was both challenging and fun to plan.

I’m also doing something new today — I’ve long thought that I needed to start putting photos on the blog, but I’ve been inhibited by a few factors: 1) I’m not a great photographer; 2) I’ve been without a working camera for quite a while; and 3) Did I mention I’m not a great photographer?  However, I’ve decided it’s time to start trying.  Since Sunday Dinners, to me, are the very core of what the family dinner table used to be (and can be again), I’m going to attempt to start taking a photo of our dinner table each Sunday and post it in the following week so you all can see what the RRG family’s been eating.  Here’s last night’s:

Lamb dinner

Roast lamb with sauteed mushrooms, cous cous, chickpea puree, and roasted asparagus with grape tomatoes

I have to work on the lighting.  Hopefully as the year progresses, and we get more natural light in the evenings here in RI, that will become easier!

Anyway, here’s February’s plan.  Enjoy!  As always, feel free to comment and ask questions, bug me for recipes, etc.

Tuesday, 2/1: Slow cooker — Asian barbecued pork lettuce wraps, sliced fruit, snow peas
Wednesday, 2/2: “Frog slime meatballs,” sweet potatoes, salad
Thursday, 2/3: Fend night (Mom and Dad are coming to town for the weekend, so we’re switching things up)
Friday, 2/4: Slow cooker again!  Classic Pot Roast with whole-wheat rolls and sweet pepper jelly
Saturday, 2/5: 40-clove garlic chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies
Sunday, 2/6: Super Bowl!  With a houseful of devoted football fans, Mom and I are still finalizing our tailgate-style menu.  More to come later in the week!
Monday, 2/7: Spanikopita casserole and sliced fruit
Tuesday, 2/8: Slow cooker — turkey sloppy joes, veggie platter, sweet potato fries
Wednesday, 2/9: Chicken and vegetable pesto pasta, salad
Thursday, 2/10: Potato-leek soup and portobello mushroom “burgers”
Friday, 2/11: Fend night
Saturday, 2/12: Valentine’s dinners — probably blts and fruit for the kids, and something special later in the evening for me and J.  🙂
Sunday, 2/13: Sunday Roast Chicken dinner
Monday, 2/14: Beet pasta, salad, fruit, bread
Tuesday, 2/15: Slow cooker — barbecued ribs, cornbread, and warm veggie slaw
Wednesday, 2/16: Chicken pot pie with pumpkin biscuit crust, fruit
Thursday, 2/17: Turkey tacos
Friday, 2/18: Fend night
Saturday, 2/19: Falafel, tabbouleh, hummus, fruit
Sunday, 2/20: Eggplant parmigiana, salad, bread
Monday, 2/21: Flank steak, mashed potatoes, veggies
Tuesday, 2/22: Slow cooker — turkey-vegetable chili, baked chips, avocado
Wednesday, 2/23: Homemade pizzas, salad, fruit
Thursday, 2/24: Fish cakes, salad, roasted vegetables
Friday, 2/25: Fend night
Saturday, 2/26: Lamb ragout over pasta, sauteed greens
Sunday, 2/27: Roast pork, stuffing, vegetables
Monday, 2/28: Skillet chicken stroganoff, broccoli, fruit

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6 Responses to February Meal Plan, and a Photo!

  1. Allyson says:

    Just came across your blog. Am impressed with your monthly meal plan. How are you able to cook almost every night while working? I try to rely a lot on the crock pot and cooking large batches on the weekend as my DD is starving by the time we walk through the door during the week.

    • Hi Allyson! Thanks for reading — hope you’ll continue to do so. Funny you should ask, but I’m planning to cover that topic either today or tomorrow in a post, so please stay tuned! It’ll be much easier for me to discuss it in a full post than try to answer it here, because it’s a really complicated issue, this time for cooking thing!

  2. sarah says:

    wow. this monthly meal plan is impressive. and inspirational. I look forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

    • Oh, thanks! *Blush* It took a while to get to this point, but the monthly plan is SOOO helpful, especially when juggling everything with work and kids and whatnot. Please do check the rest out, and feel free to ask questions, hound me for recipes, etc.!

  3. TB says:

    Great mealplan! Would LOVE the Asian slow cooker recipe. I am desperate for some new slow cooker options. You reminded me to plan something special for Valentines Day, thanks! Maybe just a simple filet mignon (my special meal favorite!).

    • I think if you’ve got a go-to special meal, this is the time to “go to it!” 😉 I haven’t decided yet what we’re having, but we actually have two favorite special grown-up meals that are “go-to” for us, as well, so it’ll probably be one of those!

      I’ll let you know how the Asian slow cooker recipe turns out — it’s my first attempt at this one! I tasted the marinade yesterday as I put it together and it seemed like it would turn out well, but until I get the finished product on the table, I won’t know for sure. If it’s good, I’ll share!

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