April Meal Plan, No Fooling!

Baked penne Florentine

Sheesh, it’s April 1?

I almost didn’t post the meal plan on time!  Actually, if we’re getting technical about it, I DIDN’T post on time.  I always try to get you the next month’s plan by the last day of the previous month, but what can I say…it’s not as if there’s been anything newsworthy going on lately to keep some of us food bloggers a bit tied up with other things.  *Cough*  Anyway, I’m dying to write a couple of other, more weighty posts, but it IS meal plan time, and that’s sacred here at RRG.

Besides, truthfully, I could use a brain break.  I bet some of you feel the same way.

April’s plan is nothing special nor glorious.  It’s the product of a tired mind that was simultaneously on meal-planning autopilot, and laboring at what felt like warp speed over other pressing issues.  The best I can say about it is: Yup.  This is what I’ve got right now.  But hey.  We’ll eat.

Sunday, 4/1: Sunday Roast Chicken Dinner with roasted brussels sprouts
Monday, 4/2: One of J.’s favorites — skillet chicken with goat cheese and marinara, salad
Tuesday, 4/3: Slow cooker — meatball subs
Wednesday, 4/4: DIY salad platter and homemade muffins
Thursday, 4/5: Panko crusted cod cakes, green beans
Friday, 4/6: Fend night
Saturday, 4/7: Whole-wheat pasta primavera
Sunday, 4/8: Easter dinner.  We just finalized plans with friends, and yes, I’m cooking — but no, I’m not sure what yet.  Easter usually means either lamb or pork to me.  I’ll check with the guests and see what they’d prefer.
Monday, 4/9: Turkey tacos, guacamole, confetti corn
Tuesday, 4/10: Slow cooker — French dip sandwiches, sweet potato fries, fruit
Wednesday, 4/11: Tomato soup, whole-wheat biscuits, veggie platter
Thursday, 4/12: Sesame noodles with broccoli, oranges
Friday, 4/13: Fend night
Saturday, 4/14: Falafel and pitas
Sunday, 4/15: Herb-marinated pork (whatever cut is most affordable), crispy roasted potatoes, vegetables
Monday, 4/16: Whole wheat pasta with sweet potatoes and bell peppers, salad
Tuesday, 4/17: Slow cooker — ropas viejas, homemade tortillas, rice and beans
Wednesday, 4/18: No-fuss chicken, vegetables
Thursday, 4/19: Fend night
Friday, 4/20: Family coming into town; I’ll let the kids pick the menu.
Saturday, 4/21: Cooking dinner for my Dad’s birthday.  His choice: Lobsters, grass-fed steaks, fettucine, asparagus.
Sunday, 4/22: After all that food the night before, I’m not planning anything!
Monday, 4/23: Dinner crepes and fruit
Tuesday, 4/24: Slow cooker — ginger chicken, rice, vegetables
Wednesday, 4/25: Eggplant “burgers” and salad
Thursday, 4/26: Pasta poulet and roasted broccoli
Friday, 4/27: Fend night
Saturday, 4/28: Parmesan chicken cutlets and vegetables
Sunday, 4/29: Baked penne florentine, salad
Monday, 4/30: Quesadillas, fruit, avocado salad

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6 Responses to April Meal Plan, No Fooling!

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  3. emmycooks says:

    Wow, I am so impressed that you do this. I’m lucky is I can plan a day or two in advance! But it sure looks like you’re going to eat well, and I bet your grocery shopping is more efficient than mine as well. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by! I’ve been doing this for so long that I almost can’t function any other way. And yes, the grocery shopping does become SO much more efficient when you’ve planned everything far in advance. Since I have no idea how I’d squeeze in extra trips to the store around all the stuff we have to do every week, that’s a big priority for me! If you’re interested, check out the “meal plans” tab on my homepage to see every monthly plan since the inception of this blog. Hope you come by again sometime!

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