I like to think of myself as a young, cool, urban fringe locavore, but the reality is, I’m just a working mom, neither quite as young nor as cool as I used to pretend to be, who’s trying to figure out how to get everybody fed.  And by “fed,” I mean with as much grace, humor, taste, style, and locally/responsibly produced food as I can reasonably achieve.  And maybe it’ll be healthy, too.  And…oh, yeah, not too pricey.

The title of this blog comes from my best friend from childhood, whose family members represent a mix of eating styles and preferences, from the relatively adventurous to the…well, let’s say “somewhat less adventurous.”  Their family joke has always been that certain members won’t eat anything “red, round, or green.”  My mission, as a home cook, mother, wife, and conscious eater, is to make all that red, round, and green stuff — plus lots of other ingredients — as tasty and non-threatening as possible.   So I hang out at farmers’ markets, talk to growers, read read read about food and agriculture and feeding kids and eating well, and turn my family into guinea pigs whenever I get a chance.  So far, the goal has been accomplished: one way or another, we’re all getting fed.

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This is the part where I tell you that everything on this blog — all the pages, all the recipes, all the content of any kind — is mine.  I own it, unless I’ve said otherwise.  However, I love to share, so if you want to help me do that, please feel free — just make sure you do it by providing a link, or by excerpting copy WITH a link, or by mentioning my blog and saying “This is where I got this” and giving a link, or…you get the idea.  Links, please.

7 Responses to About

  1. Hello Red Round…or Green…We started about the same time in the blogging world (according to archives), and I do keep track of RI blogs (altho’ you’ve probably got light years ahead of me in the world of technology)…Just wondering if you have RI blog group with which you affiliate and if so, please share the wealth. I am interested in bringing my own to next level…I have a group in asheville but I’ll soon be returning to RI

    There are different ways to send me a reply (check my blogsite) if you prefer not responding on blogsite (understandable.) We’re both still chugging along–almost two years for me this July…

    • Hi Colleen! I actually don’t have any RI blog group affiliations or anything like that. I’m a rogue blogger, I guess…? 😉 Nice to meet you, at least virtually, and feel free to message me offline with any questions or anything at redroundorgreen(at)gmail(dot)com.

      • RR&G–Ah, ‘rogue’s’ a scary term…at least these days. I will take you up on your offer to contact you, since we seem to have a similar ‘fan.’ Hate to be mysterious but I’ll elaborate soon. I’m slowly getting into all the other media outlets, now that Ive got two years in the saddle (of blogging, that is) and I must say: It’s all daunting for an older blogger. But I’m self-pubbing a book soon, so I have to do all of this… Didn’t grow comfortable with the medium in my era and am crunching all feverishly.

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  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Erica Preus says:

    This is the reality of all moms, working or not, but written with wit and optimism. I can’t help wanting to know what will be next. Great column!

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